Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver


Vancouver is still an adolescent. Not realizing it’s becoming an adult and not knowing what it wants to be when it grows up. Fact of matter is it’s going to grow up really fast and if we don’t get a hold of it, other people will determine how we’ll grow up. — Bing Thom

How do you want downtown Vancouver to look, taste, and feel in 25 years?

For those who currently enjoy what downtown Vancouver offers, and for those who hope to enjoy it in the future, Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver is the only initiative that enables individuals to collaborate in creating a compelling vision of what the downtown Vancouver experience could become over the next 25 years.

Our downtown is changing—we want to hear from you about where it’s headed. What do you love about downtown Vancouver? What needs to change? How can we make this community one of the best in the world in which to live, work, play and learn?

Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver is a chance for you to dream big—to inspire big ideas for the future of downtown Vancouver. Our downtown is changing—if we don’t shape its future, others will.

But to get there, we need to hear from you. What excites you about the future of downtown Vancouver? What does downtown Vancouver mean to you? How should the downtown Vancouver experience look, taste, and feel in the future?

Help us re-imagine the future of downtown Vancouver


2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA). The DVBIA has been instrumental in improving the quality of life in Vancouver’s city centre by advocating on behalf of its member businesses, as well as residents and visitors. As part of its celebrations, the DVBIA wants to engage with those who live, work, play, learn and do business in our downtown core to develop a collaborative and compelling vision for the 2040 downtown Vancouver experience. This initiative will highlight how downtown Vancouver can enhance its reputation as a destination of choice for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.


To deliver an engaging experience, the DVBIA has partnered with Simon Fraser University’s SFU Public Square to be the project coordinator for this initiative. SFU Public Square is providing Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver with objective and effective professional services, drawing upon years of experience in the field, well-established networks, and the quality and reputation of the SFU Centre for Dialogue in which the program is housed.

What’s the point?

Everything we learn through this process will be collected, studied and synthesized, to help shape a compelling narrative for the future of downtown Vancouver. This will inform the ongoing advocacy work of the DVBIA, and highlight ideas that can be implemented by governments, other organizations, and individuals with a passion for downtown Vancouver