Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver



Where is Downtown Vancouver?

Surrounded by water on three sides, Downtown Vancouver is gem of British Columbia, Canada

While we’d love to hear from you about Downtown Vancouver however you define it, this map shows the area that makes up the DVBIA — a 90 block area that includes several tourist destinations, over 8,000 offices, residences, retail stores, restaurants and bars, hotels, theatres, art galleries, and public spaces.

Within these boundaries, Downtown Vancouver contains the historic commerce and banking area of Hastings West, the upscale retail and restaurant offerings of the Alberni District, and the vibrant Granville Entertainment District.

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Who is this initiative for?

Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver is engaging with anybody who lives, works, plays, learns and does business in our downtown centre. It celebrates the economic diversity, cultural vibrancy, community engagement, and environmental sustainability of downtown Vancouver.

What is the DVBIA?

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association represents 8,000 property owners and tenants in the 90-blocks of the central business district and downtown south. It is in its 25th year of operation. The association’s mandate is to champion a vibrant, healthy and diverse downtown so that it is a premier destination for Lower Mainland residents for business, shopping and entertainment.

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) was created by the City of Vancouver in 1990 at the request of downtown business and property owners. It was established as a non-profit society governed by a volunteer board of directors who equally represent both property and business owners.

They has been instrumental in improving the quality of life in Vancouver’s city centre, by advocating on behalf of its member businesses, as well as residents and visitors. In addition to acting as the principal resource to policy makers, business, media, residents and visitors for information about downtown, the DVBIA has taken a leadership role in establishing programs to address crime prevention, cleanliness, beautification, sustainability, and promotion of downtown as a destination.

Who is SFU Public Square?

The DVBIA has partnered with Simon Fraser University’s SFU Public Square to be the project coordinator for this initiative. SFU Public Square is a signature initiative of the university’s vision as an engaged university. Building on SFU’s reputation as an inclusive, consultative and responsive university, SFU Public Square is designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections. More than a single place or program, SFU Public Square assembles the hearts, minds and talents of diverse communities to promote inclusive, intelligent and inspiring dialogue.

An integral part of this mission is establishing SFU Public Square as the ‘go to’ convener of serious and productive conversations about issues of public concern. We draw on the university’s expertise in dialogue, facilitation and convening to provide support to municipalities, business associations and community groups as they explore authentic engagement.

SFU Public Square provides Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver with objective and effective professional services drawing upon years of experience in the field, well-established networks, and the quality and reputation of the SFU Centre for Dialogue in which the program is housed.

What I can do?

This is a chance for you to dream big, and inspire new ideas for the future of downtown Vancouver. You can take our survey, come out to an event, submit Images through Instagram, submit a story or idea, and help us spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours.

Can I get involved?

Of course! We are looking for volunteers to join our community engagement team. Volunteers will help deliver a series of multidimensional and innovative engagement activities over the summer. These events will celebrate the economic diversity, cultural vibrancy, and environmental sustainability of your downtown. Sound interesting? Learn more, and how to apply.

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